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UUNI 2S Wood Fired Pizza Oven


UUni Wood Fired Oven

Did you know that Steve's Toyo Stove Sales & Services carries not only stoves to fill your home with heat, but ones that will fill your stomach with joy as well?

The UUNI-2S is the perfect wood firing addition to your family nights and gatherings with friends. Reaching temps of up to 930F and cooking pizzas in only 60 seconds, this small lightweight stove is determined to dish out big smiles and tasty foods.



Stone Board. Fits neatly inside the Uuni 2S and is custom made from durable cordierite stone to quickly heat to the perfect temperature - an essential for the perfect pizza crust, roasted vegetables, meats and more. The oven reaches temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and cooks pizzas in only 90 seconds, which is exactly how the pizzaiolos of Naples cook theirs. This stone comes as standard in Uuni 2S and is available to purchase separately too.
Flame Keeper. The Uuni 2S includes the innovative, patent-pending 'Flame Keeper' feature, enabling the oven to remain at a high temperature whilst reducing the amount of fuel required, for a more efficient cooking experience.
Sustainable Wood Pellets. Uuni runs on sustainable wood pellets for a truly authentic taste.



  •  Max Temperature: 900F 
  •  Dimensions (WxHxD): 15" x 5" x 20"
  •  Fuel Type: Wood pellets (barbecue or premium quality heating pellets)
  •  Weight: 25 lbs
  • Approximate Pizza Size: 12" diameter
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